All comes with rice.

Teriyaki Set
Chicken or Tofu
sous vide teriyaki salmon 180g.(medium cook)
Beef Steak Set
diced beef steak, garlic and soy sauce based, steam vegetable and rice
Spicy Honey Chicken
deep fried honey marinated chicken, spice coated
grilled Japanese eel, pickled radish, pickled ginger, teriyaki sauce, nori
Salmon Don
salmon sashimi, tamago egg, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi
Chicken Karaage Set
deep fried marinated chicken thigh pieces (boneless), teriyaki sauce
Chicken Karaage Curry
deep fried marinated chicken thigh pieces (boneless), mild japanese curry - contains beef
Curry Rice
mild japanese curry with your choice of: Pork Cutlet, Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Chicken
pork or chicken cutlet, egg, onion, scallions, home made sweet sauce
Pork or Chicken Katsu Set
pork or chicken cutlet, cabbage, katsu sauce, mayo